willows weep

Built in the 1800's this haunted house in unlike any that you will ever see or experience. It is built in the shape of a cross that faces East. THe house sits at a crossroads and It has numerous ghastly deaths that have occurred within its walls.  The land itself has a definite native american connection in that there was a major battle very near where the house sits today, there are ancient burial sites  around the area and two rivers converge in the tiny town of Cayuga Indiana very near the house.  A strange book was found buried between the old floor and more modern floor during a remodle that deals in necromancy and other occult practices. On top of all of that a former owner declared that the house is very dangerous and she feels that it tried to kill her and her husband on numerous occasions. Fearing for their lives they moved far away from the house and sold it to the current owner dave spinks. Still yet numerous paranormal investigators claim to have been attacked in the house, and many have recorded EVP's heard disembodied voices, witnessed shadow figures, observed light anomalies and recorded poltergeist activity on camera. many others have reported being attacked by unseen forces in the house. The new owner is currently conducting an over year long investigation with hand picked investigators in order to try and figure out what is lurking in the house that is known as Willows Weep.

willows weep has a storied and horrific past with several recorded deaths within it's walls, part of it's story will be revealed on the all new  television show unxplained on history channel airing july 19th, 2019. 10pm. Called the most evil and haunted house in north america by show host william shatner, the house is thought to contain malevolant energies that have affected many who have dared enter its confines. does willows weep harbor evil forces? has a bridge been created in the house that allows entities and spirits to move between the world of the living and the dead? there are still many unanswered questions that surround the house known as willows weep.

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