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Having had an encounter with a monster in West Virginia as a young man Dave has been researching and investigating sightings and encounters of strange creatures all over the Mountain State for over 30years. His Encounter with a creature known as bigfoot in 1983 with his grandfather is chronicled in his book "West Virginia Bigfoot", now available on amazon. Spending countless hours in the woods and dark hollows in and around West Virginia he has experienced some hair rasing moments in his search for answers. He has investigated the most infamous monsters that lurk in the deepest darkest forests of West Virginia, to include the mothman, the flatwoods monster , the grafton monster, the white thing, the snarly yow, large flying creatures, dogmen, bigfoot, the wampus cat, the bat boy, the lizard man, giant serpents,mysterious giant skeletons and more.  known as a prolific investigator in many circles around the country it's hard to tell what mystery he may uncover on his next investigation. dave was the first investigator to ever conduct live monster hunts in the state and has plans to continue this practice in future events. Hes has been seen on various television shows to include, Travel Channels, terror in the woods, History Channels,the unXplained, Travel Channels, These Woods are haunted, In Search Of Monsters, & paranormal 911 and was featured in the the flatwoods monster, a legacy of fear. by small Town Monsters, he is often a featured guest on countless paranormal radio shows. podcasts and can be seen speaking at various paranormal conventions and events around the country. if you would like to book dave for an event, show, or report a sighting or encounter please email him here,