1986- Walker Memorial Cemetery, Summersville , W.V.
1986-Mount Calvary Cemetery , albuquerque, N.M.​ (Oldest in the city).
1986-​cemetery , Birch River W.V.
1986-abandoned church, santa fe , Nm​
1986- private Residence, ( friends house). Albuquerque, N.M.
1987-​​Armijo ghost town outside of Albuquerque, N.M.
1988- bird cage theatre , tombstone arizona.
1988- boothill , tombstone arizona
1989- ​copper queen hotel bisbee az
1990- ​greenwood cemetery, muscatine , i.a. ( the blue angel haunting).
19​​​​​90- a private barn on a farm, muscatine, ia.
1991-​old jail, st augustine, fl
1991-old school house st augustine fl
1991- castillo de san marcos st augustine, fl
1992-private residence , jax beach , fl
1993​​​​-colossal cave, tuscon ,az
1994- indian ruins, tuscon , az​
1994-painted rock petroglyph park. painted rock , az
1995- old tuscon- tuscon, az
1996-private residence, tuscon, az
1997-​lucedio monestary, northern , italy
1998-st​reets of venice, venice , italy
1998-piazza san marco, venice , italy
1999- streets of venice, venice, italy.
2000- abandoned  cotton mill, pordenone, italy
2001-​​summersville, lake ( ufo sighting). summersville, wv
2001-braxton county monster, ​ -flatwoods, wv
2002​- mothman -  point pleasant, wv.
2002​-sasquatch ( bigfoot) sighting- monogohelia national forest, wv
2003- abandoned  house hicholas county, wv
2003​- private residence, nicholas county, wv
2003-private residence, fayette county, wv
2004-indian burial ground, ( undisclosed) location, wv​
2004-old abandoned house, birch river, wv.
2005-cemetery, birch river , wv
2006-​​​walker memorial cemetery summersville, wv
2007-​light house, st augustine , fl
2007​- graveyard, st augustine, fl
2007​​-transallegehney lunatic asylum, weston, wv
2008-graveyard bridgeport, wv
2008-old wv state penitentiary, moundsville, wv​
2009-haunted ponds​ gilmer county , wv
2009-​old ​train tracks, nicholas county, wv
2009-entrance of an old coal mine, fayette county, wv​
2009​-old country store ( outside , cass railroad), cass wv
2010- private residence. wv​
2011- bobby mackeys, wilder kentucky
2011-private residence, wv.
2011-p​rivate residence​, wv
2011-​sanford school, moundsville, wv
2011-private residence​
2011-old wv state penitentiary, moundsville, wv​
2011-​jenny wade house, gettysburg, pa
2011-gettysburg battle field, gettysburg, pa
2011- bed and breakfast, gettysburg, pa
2011- private residence, wv
2011-old bank summersville, wv​
2011-st albans asylum, radford , va
2011-ronceverte armory, ronceverte, wv
2011- old graveyard, lewisburg, wv​
2012-private residences, wv total of 7
2012-private b and b union ,wv​​​​​
2012-babcock state park cabin 13, wv
2012-trans allegheney lunatic asylum
2012- whipple company store, scarbro, wv
2013​- haunted barn, charleston, wv
2013-waverly hills sanatorium, louisville, ky
2013-shively cemetery, louisville, ky​
2013​-old wv state penn, moundsville, wv
2013-walker memorial cemetery, summersville, wv.
2013 fort prickett, cemetery wv​​
2013-castillo de san marcos, st augustine, fl
2013- old jail, st augustine, fl
2013- graveyard, st augustine, fl​​​
2013-civil war cemetery lewisburg, w.v.​
2013- new albany indiana , drowing case
2013-ufo sighting, summersville, wv​
2013-old south pitts​​burg, hospital, south pittsburg, tn
2013- old washoe club, virginia city nv
2013-st marys hospital, virginia city nv
2013-silver queen hotel, virginia city nv​​​
2013-boot hill, virginia city nv​
2013-private residences, wv total of 3
2013- nitro antique mall, nitro wv
2013-ronceverte armory, ​​ ronceverte, wv
2013-old salt sulphur springs resort, union, wv
2013-welles street house, Pa ( over 3 weeks , lived in it and investigated it every night).
2013-old salt sulphur springs resort, union , wv
2013-welles street  house, pa 3 night investigation​​.
2014- nitro antique mall, nitro wv​
​​​2014- welles street house , WILKES-BARRE, PA
2014- old salt sulpher springs resort , wv
2014-confederate cemetary, lewisburg, wv​
2014-jenny wade house, gettysburg , Pa
2014- national soldiers museum, gettysburg pa​
2014-west virginia university emoore hall, morgantown wv
2014- west virginia university woodburn hall​​, morgantown
2014- cemetary, morgantown​​, wv
2014-​ wise library west virginia university, morgantown, wv
2014-​slater mill, pawtucket, ri
2014- dorsey's knob morgantown, wv​
​​​​2014-borman hall, west virginia university, morgantown, wv​
2014-hamilton house shelbyville, indiana
2014- monroe house hartford city indiana
2014-willows weep house eugene indiana​​​
2014-flinderation tunnel, wv
2014-longrun tunnel, wv​​
2014-haunted bar, morgantown, wv​
2014-undertaking and furniture store, shinnston, wv
2014-Haunted gamblers Museum, Newport KY
2014-Old Masonic Lodge ( 1860), Newport KY​​
2015-kerr city florida
2015-seven sisters inn, ocala florida 3 nights
2015-marion theatre , two times. ocala florida​​​
2015-haunted gamblers museum, newport kentucky​
​​2015-haunted antique mall, wv
2015-guyer opera house , Lewisville, in​
2015-farm in west virginia, built in 1800's
2015- eastern Tennessee mountains​​ ( private Land )
2015- landoll's mohican castle , loudonville, ohio​
2015-​Greenbrier Ghost House, WV
​2015-Old Salt sulphur springs resort, wv
2015- Droop Mountain Battlefield, WV
2015-​​Cemetery, Sacramento, CA
2015-Georgetown Hotel, Ca
2015-Haunted Cabin Virginia city, NV
2015-Washoe club Virginia city, NV
2015-Horsefly House, Easton , PA​​​
​2015-Racoon mtn cave, chattanooga, tn
2015-Horsefly house, easton, pa
2015-return to guyer opera house ​
2015-st albans sanatorium​
2015- mCconagy HOUSE , OAKLAND CA​​
2015- Revenant Acres, CHarlottesville, In
2015​​- Old Speakeasy,  Hartford city , In
2015​- Old Haunted Jail, Hartford city, In
2015​- Monroe house, Hartford city , In
2015- Old Haunted jail, Hartford city, In
2015- Willows weep house, cayuga , In​​
2015- david stewart farm, gettysburg, Pa​
2015- Farnam Manor, ohio, 2 nights
2015​​- Private Residence , Ohio 3 nights
2015- mansion, savannah, ga 2nights​
2015- Mothman Point Pleasant, W.V.
2015-Lowe hotel Point Pleasant, W.V.  2 nights​
2016-archive of the afterlife museum, wv.
2016-bellaire house, oh.​​
2016- haunted antique mall, Va
2016-edgewood plantation, va
2016-roads hotel​​​ 4nights, indiana
2016-bellaire house, 2 nights, oh​
2016-Thornhaven Manor
2016-Randolph county Infirmary
2016-Fox hollow Farms​​​​​​
2016-Farrar school. IA
2016- villesca axe murder house, IA
2016- Sallie house, KS​
2016-robb canyon, reno nv
​2016-​silver queen hotel , VA city NV , 2 nights
2016- Washoe club, Va city NV
2016- Boot Hill, VA city , ​NV​​
2016-Chollar mine, VA city , NV
2016-Pyramid lake, NV
2016-lovelock cave, NV (sasquatch, red haired giants)​​​
2016-old saltsulpher springs resort, wv
2016- hawks nes​​t burial site, wv
2016-shepardstown, wv
2016-​​cheat lake, wv
2016-​ uf​o skywatch, on neveda , arizona border.
2016- bigfoot invwstigations  nicholas​, wv
2016-old salt sulphur springs wv x 2
2016- sweet springs wv x 3​
2016- guyer opera house, indiana
2016-​ ​revenant acres, indiana
2016-​octagon hall , kentucky
2016-kosciusk​0 county jail, indiana x2
2016-old saltsulpher springs​
​2016-lowe hotel x2 nights point pleasant w.v.
2016-tnt bunkers, point pleasant , w.v.​
2016​​- great serpant mound ohio
here is a list of some of dave's
favorite investigations​​​
​​2017- sanford school, moundsville, w.v.  
2017-wheatlands plantation x 2 nights

2017- Ripleys believe it or not , Panama city florida x 2 nights
​​​2017-mcraven house, vicksburg, mississippi
2017-house of haunted fields, mississippi​
2017-Bruce mansion x 3 nights, michigan
2017-loveland ohio frogman
2017-​​​Sunsett hill cemetery, flint michigan
2017- bellaire house, bellaire ohio
2017-archive of the afterlife museum, moundsville,w.v.
2017-escape zone house, bellaire ohio
2017-bellaire house, bellaire ohio
2017-abandonded house, bellaire, ohio​​​​​

2017- ripley's believe it or not, ocean city maryland x 2 nights.
2017 willows weep x 5 nights halloween , hauntober special . Eugene indiana
2018-​​ old salt sulphur springs , old salt , wv
2018- on going bigfoot field research, wv, ohio, pa​
2018-  early settlers cemetery in cranberry forest wv.
2018- cabin on 360 , virginia x2
2018- haunted dentist office, huntington , w.v.
2018- residential haunting , wellsburg, wv. ongoing case.
2018-bellaire house, bellaire ohio x 2
2018- lafayette hotel,  ohio
2018- point pleasant, wv ongoing​​​​​​​
2018-ongoing ufo field research and investigations, wv.​
2018- old cemetery edisto beach south carolina​

2018- ongoing bigfoot field research and investigations throught w.v.
2018-light house st augustine
2018-ocala florida
2018-octagon hall , ky, 7 days and nights
2018-bunkers at point pleasant​​

​copyright- dave spinks-2011